Going for a chat, I took you with me...


Seems a fairly obvious thing to say, but, unless you’ve actually had the opportunity to spend some time around a hive, indeed stick your (veiled) head in amongst the frames, watch them, talk with them, listen .. it’s actually quite a leap of imagination to push beyond that initial response of ‘run for the hills’ when confronted by 30,000 bees.

So in an effort to bypass the hill run for you, I took down my phone and pressed ‘record’.

However, on listening back to it, I will understand if that instinctive need to swipe at imaginary airborne assailants still persists.

Here you go:

A chat with the bees

… and breathe!



Hive notes, 4th May

Apple, plum and pear now in full blossom.

Visible, audible flow of bees between blossom and hive.

Must number frames in brood box…


1. Workers cells o/c, honey.

One Queen cell open, empty

Forager dance, captivating!

2. Workers cells o/c

3. Worker cells o/c

Queen, first sighting: large, voluptuous, polished..like vintage Airstream… alternately trampled and caressed by attentive harem

4. Worker and drone cells o/c

5. Four Queen cells; smallest rice-grain eggs, in limbo

6. Honey and worker cells o/c

7. Honey filled, heavy

8. Untouched

9. Untouched

10. Untouched


Smoker gone out, bees remain calm, very inquisitive,


As am I